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The Department of Physics is located on the second floor of the Science and Technology building (no. 14).



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Transportation from the Airport

By Taxi from Incheon International Airport

From the airport, it costs approximately 80,000 ~ 90,000 Won(KRW) by taxi up for 4 people to the University of Seoul. The fare of regular taxi starts from 3,000 Won, while deluxe taxis start from 5,000 Won. Most taxi drivers know the direction to the University of Seoul, pronounced ‘Seoul Si-rip Dae-hak-kyo’.

By Airport 'limousine' Bus from Inchon International Airport

You are advised to find the bus stop, "5B" or "12A" at the exit of Incheon International Airport. The Airport 'limousine' Bus number 6002, will take you to Cheongryangni station, the bus’s final destination. The fare of limousine is 10,000 Won. Get off at the Cheongryangni stop and take a taxi to the university of Seoul. The taxi fare from Cheongryangni station to the university of Seoul is around 3,000 Won. During daytime the limousine bus will continue the return trip to the airport upon arrival at Cheongryangni station usually just after a few minutes pause. You can also ask the driver and remain in the bus for one more stop to get off right in front of the main gate of UOS campus.

Using Professional Airport Pick-up Service

If you prefer to use a professional airport pick-up service, you must make a reservation at +82 32 743 7911, The cost is about 85,000 Won (for up to 4 people) and its website can be found at