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Nano technology graduate school has put the goal to cultivate excellent personnel to create high value-added high-tech with understanding the characteristics of nanoscale materials that have the properties and applications of the science and technology sector. ‘Nano’ refers to the size of a 1 in a billion (10E-9 m). Nanoscience or Nanotechnology is to composite, operate, and research the material of a nanometer size level. Generally, Nano is possible with a different state from a macroscope of laws of thermodynamics by going to maximize the flow of heat that becomes larger quantum mechanical phenomenon due to its size. In addition, it is to help to eliminate the defects of the internal nano-material because of the very large surface area. This is able to make a very excellent material mechanically because it enables a complete crystal with no internal defect. Therefore, in this department, it opens only the essential subjects in nanoscience in principle, makes to understand the principles of nano-science ranging from the molecular or atomic level to the system level, and organizes courses dealing with application by engineered, pharmaceutical approach.