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Smart Film Lab


Mission Statement (Focus on students)

The goal of our laboratory is to contribute mankind and to be among the most innovative and respected labs in the field of condensed matter and applied physics. Especially, we are synthesizing new materials of many unsolved issues and unknown properties by using innovative methods. While pursuing our mission, we construct supportive environment for both our members and collaborators.


Our lab aims for educate and train the next generation of scientists at the University of Seoul. To do so, our members do our best to become active-constructive in a co-operative atmosphere. We hope to be recognized for being excellent in science and for producing a pillar of Korean industry.

Research Interests

Currently, focused on synthesis and electronic structure study of low-dimensional systems: oxide films and 2 dimensional dichalcogenide films. In addition, characterizations by using photoemission (XPS, UPS, ARPES), transport (Hall, 4-probe), optical (ellipsometry, transmission, PL, Raman), structural(XRD), and microscopic measurments(AFM). We welcome open collaboration with various researchers for studying the interesting physical properties of low-dimensional systems.