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Physics is a discipline aimed at a systematic understanding of the laws of nature by pursuing a rational understanding of natural phenomena through intuition, observation, and experimentation. Based on this deep understanding of the laws of nature, it predicts new phenomena and applies them to cutting-edge science & technology as well as describes and conveys the true aspect of nature in scientific language.

The role and status of physics are becoming more important than ever in the 21st century, which is facing a turning point in the history of civilization. It is a well-known fact that physics not only forms the basis of adjacent natural sciences, medicine, and engineering but also plays a leading role in opening up new fields of civilization. In particular, in the advanced field of the development of modern civilized society, a deep understanding of nanophysics in the nanometer (one-millionth of a millimeter) area is required.

In order to understand this micro-world, it is necessary to understand quantum physics apart from the classical physics of the past. In addition, physics is deeply related to the development of computers that form the basis of the information society. Currently, most supercomputers in universities are also owned by the Department of Physics, and many physicists are actively researching quantum computers of the future. In line with this trend, UOS Physics Department specializes in Nano Physics and Computational IT Physics.

Physics is a basic study and should be actively nurtured at national universities like ours, utilizing publicity. As a result, it can play a leading role both domestically and internationally. In this regard, higher theoretical physics(particles, field theory, cosmology, gravity, etc.) which are the basics of physics, are reinforcing their support according to their public nature. And they are currently playing a leading role both at home and abroad.

Our department is not only producing excellent talents such as successful start-up companies, technical examinations, and studying abroad at leading universities in the US but also an excellent employment rate compared to the current national universities and other departments on campus. The entire faculty will do their best.

Welcome to UOS Physics.

Head of Department Professor Suk Bum Chung