Trends in Semiconductor-Machine Learning 2022.2nd sem. #8

Title: Quantitative measurements & applications of disorder in block-copolymer self-assembly patterns (Semiconductor process-oriented, job consulting included, special lecture prepared for interviews of Samsung Electronics and Hynix) Speaker: Professor Kwon Seok-joon (Sungkyunkwan University) 제목 : 블록공중합체 자기조립 패턴에서 장애의 정량적 측정 및 적용 (반도체공정 중심, 취업컨설팅 포함, 삼성전자-하이닉스 면접 대비 특강) 연사 : 권석준 교수(성균관대학교)

June 2024

The event is finished.


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