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Topological superconductivity from transverse optical phonons in oxide heterostructures

Minseong Lee, Hyun-Jae Lee, Jun Hee Lee, and Suk Bum Chung Physical Review Materials 4, 034202(March 2020)...
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Carrier- and strain-tunable intrinsic magnetism in two-dimensional MAX3 transition metal chalcogenides

Published 20 February 2020. Bheema Lingam Chittari, Dongkyu Lee, Nepal Banerjee, Allan H. MacDonald, Euyheon...
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Constraining cosmology with big data statistics of cosmological graphs

Sungryong Hong, Donghui Jeong, Ho Seong Hwang, Juhan Kim, Sungwook E Hong, Changbom Park, Arjun Dey...
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The 30th anniversary of the Department of Physics

12 May 2023 (15:00) |international conference hall(3F), The Centennial Memorial Hall, University Of…

Twistronics 2023

International Workshop on twisted bilayer graphene and beyond Univesity of Seoul, Seoul, Korea | Jan…

Physics Day Support Plan Guide

The department of physics supports Physics Day activities for undergraduate students, so we hope…

Colloquium for the 1st semester of 2023(2) : Quantum nano-optics

07.Apr. 2023 (17:00) |Science And Technology Building(#112), University Of Seoul, Korea Title :…

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